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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    After a bit of a down week, you guys stepped up big time with some hilarious fails.

    Here are all the best ones from the month of October.

    Hope everyone has a spooky ass halloween, let us know your thoughts down below and as always, Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Little Brother Hits Sister in the Face with Plastic Bat
    Skateboarder Stops Suddenly and Causes Bike to Crash
    Singing Mountain Biker Crashes
    Woman Falls off Kayak Doing Head Stand
    Baseball Player's Nuts Get Smashed by Ball
    Beanie Skateboarder Lands on Nuts Post-Grind
    French Bulldog Stuck Under Bed
    Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Fail
    Remote Control Plane Crashes after Takeoff
    Why Sippy Cups Are Important
    Guy Pulls Cousin off Rail
    Drunk Guy Can't Get Dog Inside Taxi
    Power Wheels Race Crash
    Cat Front Flips in Bathtub
    Home Depot Worker Falls Off Swegway
    Student Fails to Dropkick Water Bottle
    White Water Rafting Boat Almost Capsizes
    Guy Clings to Roof of Golf Cart
    Man Breaks Pipe Trying to Climb Bigger Pipe
    gma pool flip
    Rogue Sail Causes Man to Go Overboard

    Guy Smashes Face after Backflip
    Girl Serves Ping Pong Ball into Opponent's Face
    Bike Race Wipeout Causes Huge Pileup Crash
    Snowmobile Crashes Downhill
    Baby Falls Using Walker
    Jack Russell Terrier Knows He's in Trouble
    Mountain Biker Crashes into Side of Dirt Ramp
    How Not to Front Flip
    Dad Terrified on Rollercoaster
    Kid Gets Too Much Air Sledding
    Guy on Dirt Bike Knocks Himself Down
    Rock Climber Plummets to the Ground
    Blue-Haired Dude Faceplants
    Young BMX Rider Faceplants
    Excited Drunk Singer Falls
    Girl Brings down the House
    Circus Performer Falls while Juggling

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