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    Here they are, all the best fails of June in one funny fail compilation.

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    Queen's Guard Push Tourist Out of Their Way
    Dad Tries Impressing Son with Failed Skate Trick at Wal-Mart
    Dad Scorpions into Home Plate
    Rock Climber Falls off Cliff
    Guy Falls While Trying to Helicopter on Escalators
    Bumpy Trail Sends Mountain Biker Flying over Hairpin Cliff
    Grandma Gets Hit in the Face with Ping Pong Ball
    Drunk Guy Fights Bush and Loses
    Golden Retriever Gets Dragged by Tug-o-War Rope
    Grown Man Is a Good Sport Despite Faceplanting off Bicycle
    Motocrosser Almost Scales Cliff Before Falling Back Down
    Guy Invents New Move at Gym
    Hood Pops off Car on Highway
    Guy Tries to Front Flip and Lands on Head
    Faulty Binding Releases Skis in Midair During Cliff Jump
    Guy Drops Pole Spear in Water
    Girl Gets Emotional and Violent after Wisdom Teeth Surgery
    Baby Vanishes Behind Climber
    Kitten Falls off Microwave While Getting Groomed
    Tree Climber Falls and Smacks Himself on Rocks
    Traceur Hit Head on Trampoline Attempting Double Backflip
    Bus driving wrong way, close call with motorcyle
    Kid Faceplants Attempting Backflip, Even with Spotter
    Pomeranian Performs Handstand While Peeing
    Guy Falls in Pool Trying to Push Friend in
    Cat Takes Some Swings at a Dog
    Intertwined Parachutists Make Successful Water Landing
    Inattentive U-Turn Driver Causes Crash
    Mountain Biker Faceplants and Ruins Brand-New Kit
    Guy Falls Hard after Vertical Jump Attempt
    White Water Rafting Guide Goes Flying
    Scotland vs.

    Qatar Soccer Match Interrupted by Streaker

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